Easy Way to Set the Grind on a Hario Skerton

The Hario Skerton mill is quickly becoming a favorite of coffee professionals. It’s imported from Japan, and consequently, there are no instructions in English. The included literature informs the user that the ceramic burrs are washable, and also gives grind adjustment instructions.

We’ve come up with an way to adjust the grind setting for each brewing method, without using coffee.
Start with an empty grinder. Remove the top portion of the grinder from the glass grinds container. Remove the nut, crank, and locking bracket.

Flip the top of the grinder upside-down. The burrs are now touching completely. Hold the burrs in place while you flip the grinder right-side-up.
Loosely tighten the adjustment ring. Do not over-tighten – only go far enough to hold the burrs in place. This is the zero-point for the burrs, and the starting point for grind adjustment.

The grind adjustment mechanism uses the notched collar to hold the setting in place. The grind settings here are based on the number of notches counter-clockwise from the zero-point. While holding the burrs in place, loosen the adjustment collar the appropriate number of notches for your brewing method.

SingleV60/Aeropress: 2
Drip cone: 3

Metal Filter/Clever: 5

French Press: 7

Set the grind in place with the locking bracket, replace the crank and the nut, and you are all set.

Text by Matthew P. Williams, Photos by Amber Fox