Rwanda Rushashi Duhingekawa

The Rwanda Rushashi is a favorite at our Front Bar.

This coffee is hand picked and sorted by a 70 member women’s group called Duhingekawa (meaning literally, “women’s coffee”) a subgroup of the 1700 member Abakundakawa cooperative that mills this coffee at the Rushashi washing station. Abakundakawa’s production is a fair trade certified, USAID project to improve the quality of life in Rwanda, and this particular micro-lot is separated from the bulk production. Sadly, the majority of the members of the Duhingekawa group are widows from the genocide and we have paid a premium for this coffee that returns directly to the women producers. Their coffee is remarkable and meticulously picked and sorted — it consistently receives higher cupping scores than the rest of Abakundakawa’s production.

Flavor Profile: Brown sugar, fresh cherries and orange blossom in the aroma become a balanced, silky and sweet cup. Bright and vibrant, creamy on the palate.

Process: Wet-process with sun drying on raised beds or patio

Location:  Rushashi District, Kigali Ngali Province (1.5 hours from Kigali)

Elevation: 1650-2100 meters

Varietal: Bourbon